Paulette Rasberry has a lot of fight in her.  She’s successfully beaten ovarian cancer.  She’s survived multiple illnesses and 8 blood transfusions.  
For the past 6 years, she’s been fighting another battle -  kidney failure. 
The Raspberry family is well known in their community of Kincardine.  Paulette has been a force of good in her community - volunteering her time with multiple local charities and befriending everyone who has crossed her path.  She is beloved as an encouraging and relentlessly positive advocate, friend, wife and mother.   She is currently enjoying her greatest role to date - Grammy. 



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18 - 70 years old

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Type O

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Healthy, with no major diseases or illnesses

Most of us are born with two kidneys - however a healthy person can live a normal life with just one.  That means a healthy person can give a kidney to someone whose kidneys aren’t working - the incredible and miraculous gift of living kidney donation.


Tragically, none of Paulette’s family members are suitable donors.   In an effort to find his mom the kidney she desperately needs, her son Josh has completed the necessary testing and registered for the Kidney Paired Organ Donor Program.  
The Kidney Paired Organ Donor Program connects individuals and families with others looking for living donors.   Under this program, Josh would give his kidney to a suitable recipient - and in return, one of their suitable friends or family members would be matched with Paulette.   
As Paulette needs a donor with Type O blood - the universal donor - it may take a long time to find a kidney through the Paired Donor Program.  



Interested in becoming a kidney living donor and saving Paulette’s life?  Contact the the Kidney Program transplant team to learn more and find out if you could be a match! Let them know you are interested in being matched with Jocelyn Paulette Raspberry. 

519-685-8500 ex 33552


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